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10 Mar 2020

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Today's consumers are increasingly conscious about health and sustainability linked to the food they consume. As shown in our 2019 Taste Tomorrow survey, consumers demand more authenticity, naturalness and healthiness, without compromising on taste. As wholegrains & seeds answer this demand perfectly, we see a rising demand for this ingredient, with 41% of consumers globally eating wholegrains several times a week(*)!


What is a wholegrain?

A Wholegrain is the whole grain, composed of its bran, germ and endosperm. The bran is the shell around the grain and is full of fibre. The germ is the embryo which can sprout to grow a new plant. The germ contains vitamins, some protein and minerals, and some omega-3. The endosperm represents the largest part of the grain. It supplies the germ with the necessary nutrients and energy to grow as it contains carbohydrates, proteins and some of vitamins and minerals. (**)(***)


Where do wholegrains come from?

Wholegrain was always part of our diet. It wasn't until the industrial revolution, with the rise of new milling technologies, that refined grains appeared, meaning the grain only had its endosperm left. Refined grains became increasing popular, as they allowed to make white bread with a finer texture and longer shelf-life than previously, despite a lower nutritional profile than wholegrain bread.

Today, wholegrains are making their big come-back! Consumers are more health conscious, but refuse to sacrifice taste or indulgence, make more sustainable food choices & they seek to add healthy ingredients to their diets. So naturally, they are turning to wholegrains! One third of consumers actively looks for wholegrain in the ingredient list (****) of their food 64% of people believe wholegrain makes their bread tastier and healthier! (*****)

Why is wholegrain bread better for you?

To claim a bread is wholegrain it must contain over 30% wholegrain ingredients based on total-product dry weight and a greater proportion of wholegrain ingredients than refined-grain ingredients. As wholegrain bread contains more wholegrain ingredients, which include all parts of the grain, it is said to be healthier:

  • The bran provides fibre, B vitamins, minerals like iron and protein.
  • The germ is packed with minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E and other phytochemicals.
  • The endosperm contains carbohydrates, proteins and small amounts of B vitamins.

Therefore, wholegrain bread contains more nutrients than bread based on refined grains and is considered as healthier.

How does Puratos gurantee you always bake the best wholegrain bread?

Today, wholegrain is everywhere. So how can you make sure your wholegrain breads are best-in-class on the market? By selecting the best grains & seeds and making sure they are soft and juicy, bringing forward their fantastic taste without off-flavours. By assuring the crumb remains moist and fresh, that the crust remains crisp and by providing great volume. And achieve all this in a consistent manner, time after time.

To help you achieve fantastic results day after day, Puratos makes the undisputable promise that "No matter the Puratos solution used, you will always bake the Best-In-Class Wholegrain breads, preferred by consumers!"

What are solutions to make best-in-class wholegrain & seeds breads?

At Puratos, we have different solutions available for grains & seeds breads, each with unique benefits in terms of convenience, flexibility, versatility and nutritional claims:

Softgrain have all the goodness of wholegrains, with extra natural freshness & a superior taste! These ready-to-use wholegrains and seeds are cooked and infused with sourdough, offering an innovative and differentiated product range, with the added convenience of a healthy, flavourful solution.

Puravita is our brand for Best-in-Class wholegrain breads. With Puravita, our costumers bake the best wholegrain breads on the market, with a fantastic taste, an improved nutritional profile and an authentic craft look - and are as such preferred by consumers. All Puravita breads are unique as they contain the best of Puratos unique ingredients (Special Flours, Wholegrains, Sprouted Grains) and latest technologies (CL enzymes technology, Sourdough & Malt) and are CL.

Sproutgrain are sprouted and fermented wholegrains & seeds and a unique ally for both health and taste. At Puratos, we add an extra fermentation step to give the grains an even more fantastic taste!

S500 wholemeal is the first clean(er) label improver specifically crafted for wholemeal and grains & seeds bread applications, offering you absolute peace of mind with proven consistent premium quality.


Interested in how Puratos can help you the best possible wholegrain bread? Don't hesitate to contact your Puratos representative!

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