Carat Ganche

Carat Ganache is made from Carat Dark Coverlux. To coat bavarois, mousse cakes, cream cakes, choux pastry, donuts, brownies and pies.

  • Excellent shelf life on finished goods
  • Longer lasting shine
  • Ready mixed ganache that only needs to be heated
  • Can be used as a filling and a topping
Customer advantages
  • No tempering needed
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ready-to-use
  • Save time for busy professionals
Consumer advantages
  • Rich chocolate taste
  • Soft and melting

Perfect for applications such as coating mousse cakes, choux pastry, donuts and brownies. It can also be used as a filling in layer cakes and pralines. Carat Ganache is a ready-mixed product, requiring only heating, that boasts an excellent shelf life and a longer lasting shine.

Dark compound chocolate (sugar, fully hydrogenated vegetable fate (palm kernel), fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, sorbitan tristearate)), natural flavouring (vanilla)), glucose syrup, condensed milk, vegetable fat (palm oil), water, acid(tartaric), preservative (potassium sorbate), emulsifier (polysorbate 60)

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