Let’s reinvent buns through innovative textures

14 Jul 2021

Texture is the new taste

Our global consumer research, Taste Tomorrow, confirms the growing importance of texture. For consumers today, taste is more than just flavour. Texture is now a key component of taste.  Consumers now evaluate texture and pay as much attention to a special, delicious, appealing texture as to its flavour. More than 63% of consumers like to try food with different textures. Texture has also become an important part of the eating experience.

Buns with multi-layer sensation

From a classic bun/pain au lait, we have reinvented it with different layers of creative textures, offering the consumers a multi-sensorial experience in every bite. However, the texture of the bun will evolve overtime. In order to keep the 3 different textures, we need to master the science behind the interactions.

At Chipkins Puratos, we pay attention to every detail in bread texture, and master the interaction between all the ingredients to perfect it.

Rustic Soft Bun Texture

Thanks to freshness solutions combined with Intens Soft & Fine for improved softness and freshness:

Regardless of your breads’ shelf life, it always comes down to that crucial moment when consumers bite into your bread. That’s the moment when the texture either delivers or exceeds expectations, or falls short. A bite into a whirlwind of softness, smoothness and utterly irresistible fresh crumb and crispy crust can make your bread a success.

Soft , melting, unctuous chocolate filling

The choice of the filling is key as this may alter the texture of your bun leading to a dry, hard bun.  Cremfil Ultim fillings, our chocolate and nut fillings, improve the overall freshness of soft bakery and patisserie items, thanks to the controlled water activity. Studies in buns and muffins show that freshness after one month with Cremfil Ultim is equal to the freshness after one week with a fat-based filling.

Also, the texture of Cremfil Ultim stays soft and creamy throughout the shelf life. 

Snap and tasty chocolate layer

Tweak the smooth and soft composition of this filled bun with a chocolate layer snap! With Belcolade Selection Noir Cacao-Trace dark chocolate, enjoy a balanced taste that will please all palates while benefitting Real Belgian Chocolate claim. Being Cacao-Trace certified, this Belcolade chocolate also ensures a life changing impact to cocoa farmers who work with us.

  • Real Belgian chocolate crafted from over 30 years of experience.
  • Superior taste thanks to a high control of the fermentation process.
  • Sustainable chocolate supporting cocoa farmers via the Chocolate Bonus.

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