Making your baked goods shine: add glaze

Making your baked goods shine: add glaze

23 Mar 2018


A shiny glaze on your baked goods has a big impact on the product’s appearance. Even better: a recent survey revealed that glazing can improve the overall appeal and quality perception of a product.

In the survey conducted by Puratos USA we asked consumers to choose between various glazed and non-glazed baked goods.

A staggering majority of consumers favoured the glazed items.

This conclusion might sound obvious when applied to products that are generally glazed, like croissants. However, this also turned out to be the case with products that are less likely to be sold glazed, like apple strudels or pies.

Upon examining consumers’ motivations more deeply, it became clear that they prefer the glazed items because they like the colour better, they think the shine makes the baked goods look more fresh and they find the products more appetising.

The finished baked goods in the survey were all glazed with Puratos’ Sunset Glaze. Sunset Glaze provides baked goods with a long-lasting, consistent golden shine. It is the perfect egg-free alternative: ready-to-use and non-sticky, which makes it very convenient to process.

The golden egg-wash alternative

Why Sunset Glaze instead of regular egg wash?

With stark focus on food safety following the recent events in South Africa, producers, regulators and the buying public are deeply concerned with issues of contamination. When using eggs in your bakery, there is always a risk of using out-of-date eggs and contaminating your products. Sunset Glaze does not contain eggs, which significantly reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. It is hygienic thanks to its packaging and because it is sterilized.

Sunset Glaze is ready to use and can be applied easily by brush or manual spray. It is suitable to apply before baking, or after baking on hot products. The products can even be frozen after application. Cleaning equipment after you’ve used Sunset Glaze is much easier than cleaning equipment after using eggs. Moreover, Sunset Glaze is sold in 1 litre packs and has a shelf life of nine months. Simply store it in unopened packaging at ambient temperature (below 25° C).