Reinvent your sponge cake: 5 Ideas

Reinvent your sponge cake: 5 ideas

12 Sep 2018

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Sponge cake is a wonderfully versatile base for a wide variety of cake options. Although everyone loves a generous slice of delicious classic sponge cake at afternoon tea, with a bit of imagination it can go so much further!

If you want to make your sponge cake stretch to new heights, there are some easy ways to transform a it into a masterpiece. Start with a simple sponge by following our easy recipe. This will create the canvas for your masterpiece to follow. By making a few at the same time it simply and easily allows you to create various cakes off the same base, thereby saving you time and money.

Now we’re ready for the best part – diversifying into a myriad of versatile tastes and visual appeal. Try some of these amazing options:

Citrus Sponge Cake

Similar to a classic lemon drizzle, take it further by making a sticky orange glaze with gratings of orange zest. Simply mix freshly squeezed orange juice with sugar and the zest of one orange. Drizzle it over your sponge, get creative with the orange zest on top and voila! Nothing could be simpler!

Chocolate and Ginger Cake

The taste combination of dark chocolate and ginger has been a classic for ages. Why not bring them together with your sponge? Start by a filling and topping of caramel cream, then add shavings of dark chocolate and bits of crystallised ginger on top.

Crunchy Nut Cake

Transform your sponge in five minutes! Simply coat the sponge with a thin layer of buttercream, then sprinkle a generous measure of crushed mixed nuts over the entire cake. Add a bit of visual interest with chunks of flaked chocolate and you’re done.

Classic Victoria Cake

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? If so, you have time for this classic treat. Generous smears of fruity jam topped with whipped cream and wedged between two layers of sponge is all it takes! Well, almost all... dust the top of the cake with icing sugar and you have a true British beauty.

Baby Victoria’s

A large slice of cake may seem intimidating to weight-conscious customers, hence the popularity of bite sized treats. Why not make the Classic Victoria Cake (as above) in small, muffin-sized versions? Add a glazed strawberry on top and you have a quirky variation on a well-known classic.