Soft and Fine Texture: Clear the Label of your Breads with Puratos Enzyme Solutions

9 Apr 2021

Rising consumer demand for clean(er) label

More than ever, consumers care about what they eat and pay more attention to the product label. For baked goods, there is a rising demand for short and clean(er) labels, with mainly natural ingredients and ingredient names that consumers know or understand.

Clean(er) label is a widely accepted term that is used in the industry, but for which no harmonized definition exists. It often results in the removal or reduction of some  ingredients (e.g.  additives as preservatives and emulsifiers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, …)

For industrial bakeries, this means to make clean(er) label baked goods without compromise on quality, process or taste.

Enzyme-based Clean(er) Label Bakery Solutions

For more than 100 years, Puratos has been pioneering improvements in bread production. Thanks to our vertical integration through the production of emulsifiers, enzymes and sourdoughs, we can offer unique benefits to help bakers to make better breads.

Today, we go the extra mile to answer the consumer demand of clean(er) label by utilizing the benefits of enzymes. Therefore, we are able to create shorter and clearer ingredient lists for baked goods with outstanding texture and freshness.

Enzymes are proteins, produced by fermentation, are present in every living organism and naturally present in wheat, flour and yeast. Enzymes are denaturated during the baking process and as a result, are not functional in the bread sold to final consumers.

More recently, we look to nature to be inspired on new sources delivering great functionalities in bread. See our Innovation Inspired by Nature.

Together with our co-research partner Novozymes we discovered enzymes from the Hunan forest in China, which digest old wood into soft and fine nutrients giving life to new vegetation.

Clean(er) Label and More Affordable Alternative to Monoglycerides

With our latest enzyme technology ‘Intens Soft & Fine’, we offer a clean(er) label and cost effective alternative to emulsifiers such as monoglycerides, which is currently widely used in bakery improvers and mixes. Our enzyme-based solution can help manufacturers to make all kinds of clean(er) label soft breads with improved softness and finer crumb structure.

Intens Soft & Fine also helps to diminish the exposure to the cost and price fluctuations of emulsifiers.

Softer and Fresher for Longer, Less Food Waste and More Sustainable

With improved softness and freshness, bakers and consumers can keep the bread for longer time and significantly reduce food waste.

Toast breads, hamburger buns, brioche, pains au lait, panettone, milk rolls, donuts … Intens Soft & Fine is the answer to the clean (er) label journey ahead for all kind of soft baked goods.