The latest bakery trends

13 Oct 2020

Consumer Insights

What are the latest trends for in-store and artisan bakeries? In order to keep a finger on the pulse, Puratos conducts the world’s largest consumer survey in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry – Taste Tomorrow. In-depth insights into behaviors, attitudes and choices have been gathered from over 17.000 consumers in 40 countries. Here are some of the biggest bakery and pastry trends of 2020.


It’s taste above all when buying bakery items. It is the number 1 selection criterium. Taste goes beyond flavor though. Texture has become a key component of a product’s sensory appeal.


Consumer expectations around health continue to evolve. Healthy food is about less and more at the same time. Highlighting power ingredients that provide health & taste is a key to success. 22% of consumers around the world search for the type of grains when they are buying bread as they are perceived to be both tasty and healthy. Adding ingredients with health benefits like fibres, wholegrains and proteins will provide baked goods a healthy boost.


Freshness defines consumers’ perceptions of quality. Let them experience freshness. Smell, time of baking, short shelf life, look & crunchiness all play a key role. Fresh food is perceived by consumers as being of better quality than frozen or packaged food. However, since the coronavirus pandemic, we clearly see that unpacked products are now making many consumers uncomfortable. In this article you can discover how to make and pack breads for longer freshness.