Chipkins Puratos: New products launch

New products, new innovation, new ideas!

15 May 2018


Following our Joint Venture with Puratos, a leading innovator in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry, we as Chipkins Puratos have hosted customers in our 8 Innovation Centres nationally for the first official product launch during the month of February 2018.

The launched products were carefully selected so that not only are they exciting and trending products, but also products that address consumer preferences, innovation, freshness, authenticity, versatility and food quality/safety.

The launch was very well attended by over 400 customers nationally. Customers from various channels attended i.e. Industry, Craft and Artisans.

A lot of interest was shown in the products as well as for other potential offerings from Puratos, as they certainly bring new products, ideas and innovations that are in line with world trends and consumer preference.

Customer Groups will be invited to our Innovation Centres on an ongoing basis, to allow for a more focused and impactful engagement through information sharing, product demonstrations, tasting & evaluation sessions as well as training.

Products launched:

  • AMBIANTE - How sweet it is to be decorated by you
  • OTENTIC - For natural breads with and authentic taste
  • MIROIR - The fine art of shiny patisserie
  • SUNSET GLAZE - The golden egg-wash alternative
  • SOFT'R ALPAGA 1% - Improving softness everywhere
  • BRIOCHE 20% - The traditional French sweet bread
  • S500 1% - Trust the best...