Pie (Fruit tarts, Crumble)

Puratos ingredients to create Pie (Fruit tarts, Crumble)

Milktart Instant Country Life

Milk tart Instant Country Life is available in a 5kg bag. The product is used to produce a milk tart filling where you don’t need to boil the milk saving you lots of time and gas or electricity.

Melting Moments

Melting Moments is available in a 12.5kg bag. To mix the batter you would need just Mr J Yellow Margarine and Water. You can mix any flavour or colour into the batter to design your own flavoured biscuit.

Custard Instant Country Life

Very easy to use Custard mix designed to use as a filling or a topping. It comes in a powder form. The powder is mixed into cold water and firms up in 10 min.


Vivafil is a range of fruit fillings that fills the gap in more ways than one. First, it allows you to fill the gap in your product range by helping you to create tastier and better-looking applications. Second, Vivafil fills the gaps in your actual applications, staying right where you want it, regardless of production process.

Coconut Mix

Coconut mix comes in a 10kg bag and is normally used to make coconut tarts or coconut biscuits. Another use can be to make coconut slice.