Snack Cake (Muffin, Moelleux)

Puratos ingredients to create Snack Cake (Muffin, Moelleux)

Butter Flav Madeira

Butter Flavour Madeira Mix is packed in a 12.5kg bag. The mix is designed to give your customer a taste experience that will bring them back for more. This mix is not just suitable for muffins, it can also be used to produce Muffins and Fruit cakes giving them that same unique butter flavour.

Scone Mix Coastal

Scone Mix Coastal is packed in a 10kg bag and is in the form of a powder. The mix makes scones with a perfect shape and a very good taste. Fillings like raisins or cheese can also be added, the product will still be stable.

Snowball Mix Coastal

Snowball Mix Coastal is packed in a 10kg bag and is in the form of a powder. It is easy to mix the batter and the baked product has excellent volume.

Bran Muffin Mix

This Bran Muffin Mix is available in a 5Kg bag. This makes it suitable for the use in smaller industries where requirements for Bran Muffins are less.

Princess Cake Mix

Princess Cake Mix is packed in a 12.5kg bag making this product suitable for use in retail and home industries. What makes this product unique is the fact that a huge variety of baked goods can be produced with it by just adding fillings, spices or flavours (Moist cakes, muffins, puddings, etc.).


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For over 30 years, Satin Puratos’ range of premium cake mixes has been there for bakers and patissiers, assisting them deliver the best quality cakes on the market.

Muffin Mix Country Life

An easy to use Muffin Mix that only requires water and oil to be added, no eggs needed. The mix can hold any filling or flavour with the end product still having excellent volume.