Freshness - The cake industry’s biggest challenge. Our surveys have established that freshness is the number one criterion in consumer(s) satisfaction when evaluating a cake. And when consumers are satisfied, they buy your products again and again. But important challenges need to be overcome. Because the moment of consumption of a packed cake can be days, weeks and even months after production, the level of your cake’s freshness will determine whether your consumer(s) are disappointed or delighted.

  • More freshness
  • Longer freshness
  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
Customer advantages
  • More freshness - Longer freshness
  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
Consumer advantages
  • Enhanced softness
  • Improved freshness

Wheat flour, enzymes

Acti-Fresh is an innovative solution based on enzyme and emulsifier technology. It improves the freshness of loaf cakes, muffins, chocolate cakes and cake donuts and has a proven positive effect on the different freshness parameters including softness, moistness, cohesiveness and resiliency.

The result: enhanced softness meaning extended shelf life possibilities and more satisfaction for your consumers.

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