As the longest-established and best-known bread improver, S500 has evolved to address all your daily challenges. Whether you are concerned about baking appealing bread, maintaining quality in all conditions or meeting the growing demand for healthy snacks on the go, the S500 range has it covered.

To make your day-to-day life easier, S500 has proven reliability in all processes and stress conditions. It contains Puratos’ latest enzyme technologies, to give you total confidence in your bakery products:

  • Greater dough tolerance and security at every stage of the process
  • Effectively overcome any variation in flour quality
  • Maintain the fresh characteristics of your products throughout their shelf life
  • Retain the high quality your customers love
Customer advantages
  • Absolute peace of mind: S500 shows its supremacy when bakery conditions go bad!
  • Guarantees constant & high quality product quality
  • A unique versatility: adapted for any kind of process
  • Applicable in any yeast raised product
  • Adapted for all flour qualities
Consumer advantages
  • Improved freshness of baked products

Wheat flour, Calcium carbonate, Emulsifier, Enzymes, Flour improver