For over 30 years, Satin Puratos’ range of premium cake mixes has been there for bakers and patissiers, assisting them deliver the best quality cakes on the market.

Choose the texture you want according to the product you want to make. Discover the Satin taste sensations to delight your consumers.

Based on an original American recipe, Chipkins Puratos experts were the first to bring the cream cake concept to new countries where they adapted its success to local needs. The result is that Satin Cream Cake rapidly became a best-seller.

  • Setting no limit to your creativity
  • Can be enriched with aromas, fruits and fillings
  • Maximum variety at optimal quality
Customer advantages
  • Increase sales through innovation and differentiation
  • Reduce costs thanks to a consistent premium quality
Consumer advantages
  • Highly versatile
  • Optimal level of quality

Sugar, Wheat gluten, Starch (Potato), Milk solids, Unhydrogenated vegetable oil, Emulsifiers, Raising Agent, Salt, Thickener, Colouring, Enzyme.

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Scone Mix Coastal

Scone Mix Coastal is packed in a 10kg bag and is in the form of a powder. The mix makes scones with a perfect shape and a very good taste. Fillings like raisins or cheese can also be added, the product will still be stable.

Chipvital Eb

Chipvital is a 50% Mix and is available in a 25kg bag. This mix produces a healthy light Rye Bread with a wonderful taste and roasted seed aroma.

Complete Ciabatta

Complete Ciabatta is available in a 10kg bag. This product produces Italian rolls with a sour note and the desired open texture required.

Sweet & Soft 20% Premix

Sweet and Soft 20% is packed into a 25kg box. This mix is designed to make sweet morning goods(Yeast raised doughnuts, sweet buns, Chelsea buns, mosbolletjies etc.), all these products can be produced in less than 3 hours using this mix. The mix can also be used to make traditional Ouma rusks.