Christmas Star Twisted Bread


Working Method

Part 1
  1. Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix for 2 minutes on a slow speed and then for 7 minutes on a fast speed. Dough temperature ± 24° C 
  3. Scale dough as required, divide into 4 equal pieces.
  4. Roll each piece flat, about 20cm wide. Stick all four pieces on top of each other with the filling. Place a scone cutter in the centre and cut 16 equal size strips. Twist each strip twice and pinch two strips together at the end and stretch slightly to form a sharp point.
  5. Prove for ± 50 minutes.
  6. Spray with Sunset Glaze before baking.
  7. Bake at 220° C  for ± 25 minutes.
  8. Let the bread cool down, dust with a little bit of icing sugar and place a chocolate decoration in the centre.


About this recipe

Author: Chipkins Puratos

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