Christmas Tree


Working Method

Part 1
  1. Beat margarine using flat beater until smooth.
  2. Add eggs and mix on first speed until combined.
  3. Add all the dry ingredients.
  4. Mix on slow speed for 1 minute until mix is combined.
  5. Mix for a further 2 minutes on second speed.
  6. Mould cookie dough pieces of 60g, 40g and 20g into balls.
  7. Place the cookie dough pieces onto tray and flatten slightly.
  8. Bake at 180°C for ± 15 minutes.
  9. Place the Whip & Go and colour green in a cake mixer mix on second speed for about 5 minutes.
  10. Place the green Whip & Go into a piping bag with a star and nozzle then pipe a flat layer on the 60g baked cookie, starting from the outside and finish in the middle. Place the 40g cookie on top and pipe whip & go again then place the 20g cookie on and pipe whip & go for the last time.
  11. Sprinkle the Christmas tree with non-pareil sprinkles.


About this recipe

Author: Chipkins Puratos

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