Post-lockdown health & safety guidelines

In more and more countries, businesses can, step by step, reopen and welcome customers in their stores. Although we have all been looking forward to this moment, having experienced it ourselves at Puratos, we are aware that it is not so easy to prepare for this post-lockdown phase.  

In this new normal, our way of working must evolve to ensure we act in line with safety & hygiene regulations, towards employees as well as consumers.   


Based on the internal Safety & Hygiene manual developed at Puratos, here is some inspiration from a global perspective.

Before applying, please consult your local legislation. In case they are different, please stick to the procedures set by your local authorities.   

We hope this framework can help guarantee a smooth re-start of your business.  

In these challenging times, we continue to be your reliable partner in innovation and beyond. 
More than ever, you can #RelyOnUs.

Toolkit to keep your employees safe

In this toolkit, you can find a set of template posters, to help you keep your employees healthy & guarantee a safe working space.

Toolkit to welcome your customers in-store

By communicating in an honest & transparent way on the Health & Safety measures that you have installed, you will be able to reassure your customers. This toolkit provides template communication material, that you can use to communicate with your customers and guarantee them a safe shopping experience.

All materials provided, including but not limited to posters, images,… are intended for your use only and may solely be used for the purposes for which and in the lay-outs in which they were provided