Imifino Bread

About Imifino Bread

1 Oct 2020

Local Bread

Imifino/Morogo also known as African spinach is a blend of dark green leafy vegetables traditionally served with onions and potatoes. It forms part of staple diet in rural and urban South African communities.


  • A complete, free flowing powder with visible vegetable pieces for the making of speciality breads
  • This premix is suitable for speciality bread, baguette and English muffins
  • Shelf life applications (2-3 days)

Consumer Benefits

  • Oustanding rich taste of dried spinach with delicately balanced garlic and onion aroma
  • Better freshness and softness
  • Good volume

Customer Benefits

  • Just add water and yeast
  • Versatile mix
  • Very good dough machinability
  • Better resilience and soft crumb

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