Bread Premix 5%

Bread Premix 5% is pack in a 25kg Box and comes in the form of a paste. This mix produces white and brown bread with a very good shape and volume. It can also produce vetkoek and pizza dough. It is well known for its taste and stability with any type of flour.

  • Versatile
  • Soft crumb
  • gives good shelf life
  • Very good volume and oven spring especially where poor quality flours are encountered.
Customer advantages
  • Soft crumb, gives good shelf life
  • Very good volume and oven spring especially where poor quality flours are encountered
  • Versatile, also a good recommendation for bakeries that under scale bread i.e. 680g drop weight
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding texture, softness and freshness
  • Good quality product
  • butter spreads easily over bread slices
  • Superior eating properties

Bread Premix 5% is know for it's robust mix, good taste and the good quality bread it produces every time. This mix does not only make excellent bread, it also makes a tasty vetkoek and a good pizza base. The mix increases dough tolerance towards mechanical stress and tolerance to fluctuations in wheat protein strengths, allowing for less damages and more savings.


Salt, Calcium carbonate, Unhydrogenated vegetable fat (Palm fruit, TBHQ), Wheat flour, Sugar, Soya, Maize starch, Vegetable oil (Soya, TBHQ, Citric acid, Unhydrogenated), Preservative (Sodium diacetate), Stabiliser, Flour improver, Enzymes.

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