Brioche 20%

All you need is Brioche 20%: we’ve developed a convenient mix so that you can create your own varieties of brioche loaves, hamburger buns and rolls.

Chipkins Puratos’ Brioche 20% is a mix giving incredible softness, texture and premium butter taste.

The latest improver technology will help you achieve the right crumb texture and volume with the added bonus of total peace of mind.

  • The original recipe with authentic taste and texture, developed with specialist bakers in Europe.
  • Market trend alignment for those searching for ethnic breads and want to discover the world.
  • Convenience as it provides a solid starting point to develop your Brioche recipe as well as guaranteeing a consistent quality of the final bread.
  • Versatility and creativity as different processes can be used (direct method, retarded fermentation and short freezing processes) and different brioche style recipes can be made.
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding texture and freshness
  • Good quality products
  • Superior eating properties
Customer advantages
  • Improved freshness leading to less waste.
  • No dependence on fat price fluctuation
  • Only 3 to 4 ingredients to scale

As old world trends continue to rise in popularity in the United States, brioche is on track to seduce the US consumer by offering a completely new taste profile within the bread category. Brioche is so versatile that it can accompany any meal throughout the day- have it for breakfast, use it as new carrier for your burger, enjoy as French toast… the possibilities are endless!


Sugar, Wheat flour, Salt, Emulsifier, Egg solids, Flavourings, Enzymes, Colourant, Flour improver

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