Butter Flavoured Madeira

Butter Flavour Madeira Mix is packed in a 12.5kg bag. The mix is designed to give your customer a taste experience that will bring them back for more. This mix is not just suitable for muffins, it can also be used to produce Muffins and Fruit cakes giving them that same unique butter flavour.

  • Longer shelf life Equals less wastage. (4-5 days)
  • Brilliant volume lower scaling weight more g.p.
  • Rich butter flavour that will make the customer want more
  • Guaranteed Food safety. Products produced to the highest industry standard.
Customer advantages
  • Brilliant volume lower scaling weight more g.p.
  • Longer shelf life less wastage
  • Versatile enough to make a variants of baked goods
  • Deliver quality baked products
  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding texture and freshness
  • Good quality products
  • More delicious taste
  • Rich butter flavour

Butter Flavour Madeira Mix is packed in a 12.5kg bag. The mix is in a powder form. To mix it you will need a cake mixer with a flat beater attachment. The recipe on the label requires you to add water, eggs and oil. Mixing time is no longer than 6min. With this mix you can produce muffins, madeira's, fruit cake, etc. If you are looking at giving your customer something more than just a plain Madeira or muffin, then this is the product you are looking for, with its unique butter flavour and a very nice moist texture the customer will definitely come back for more. It also gives good volume to the baked products allowing you to save cost on products like Boiled fruit cake.


Sugar, Wheat Flour, Starch (Wheat), Flavouring, Milk solids, Vegetable oil (TBHQ, Citric acid, Soya, Unhydrogenated), Emulsifier, Stabiliser, Raising Agents, Salt, Preservative (Sorbic acid), Colourant

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