S6002 Premix

S6002 Premix is pack in a 25kg Bag and is in a powder form. This mix produces white and brown bread with a very good shape and volume. It can also produce vetkoek and pizza dough. It is well know for its softness over a longer period.

  • Emulsifiers used increase dough tolerance towards mechanical stress and fluctuating fermentation conditions
  • More tolerant to fluctuating protein strengths in wheat
  • Allows for higher yield due to increased water addition
  • Improved machinability of dough
Customer advantages
  • Allows for easier scaling and dispersion of premix into dough
  • Allows for higher yield due to increased water addition
  • Improves machinability of dough
  • Prolongs shelf-life (3-4 days) and softness
  • Increases volume yield of baked goods
  • Less damages, saving
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding texture, softness and freshness
  • Good quality product
  • butter spreads easily over bread slices
  • Superior eating properties

S6002 Premix is well known for its low input cost, but high quality output. Allowing the retailer to make a very good quality bread that stays soft for longer than any other standard bread mix. It also allows for better water absorption giving you better yield and an increased GP. This mix does not only make excellent bread, it also makes a tasty vetkoek and a good pizza base. The mix increases dough tolerance towards mechanical stress and tolerance to fluctuations in wheat protein strengths, allowing for less damages and more savings.


Calcium carbonate (E170), Salt, Wheat gluten, Sugar, Soya flour, Emulsifier, Unhydrogenated vegetable fat (Palm fruit, TBHQ), Preservatives (Sodium diacetate (E262), Calcium propionate(E282)), Enzymes, Flour improver (E300)

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