Sponge Mix Super Coastal

Sponge Mix Super Coastal is packed in a 25kg bag. The mix is designed to whip up in a shorter period and to give you even better volume than a traditional recipe. The baked sponge is soft and tasty. If you follow the instructions on the label you should get the best results.

  • Good volume, Time saving and cost saving
  • Greater absorption, fine moist crumb, long shelf life (7 days) thin skin, good volume, sugar preservative improves crumb structure prevent product drying out
  • Can be used to manufacture sponge cakes, Swiss rolls, cup cakes etc.
  • Even baking rise.
Customer advantages
  • Short production time
  • Only water and eggs needs to be added to the Sponge Mix
  • Higher volume allows for lower scaling weight and better sales margins
  • sugar preservative improves crumb structure and prevent product from drying out allowing for a longer shelf life of up to 7 days
  • Can be used to manufacture sponge cakes, Swiss rolls, cup cakes etc.
  • Gives customer a even baking rise
Consumer advantages
  • Baked sponges is ideal for decorating at home
  • Sponges can be frozen
  • Will enjoy the superior eating properties
  • Consistent quality

Sponge Mix Super Coastal is packed in a 25kg bag. The mix is in a powder form and has a sweet Vanilla aroma. To mix this sponge mix you need a cake mixer with a wire whisk attachment and two liquids, water and eggs. Mixing time is a total of 10min then the whipped up mix or batter can be transferred to the desired shapes. The baking time is 30min for a standard size round sponge. From this mix the following products can be produced; fresh cream and non-dairy cream cakes, Swiss rolls, red cakes(snowballs), Lamingtons, etc. This mix will save you a lot of time because of the fast production method. The baked sponges can be packed and stored in the fridge for as long as a week or can also be frozen and stored. This allows the baker to produce a lot of back up once a week and only decorate as needed.


Wheat gluten, Sugar, Emulsifier, Raising agents, Starches (Maize), Salt.

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