Sweety 15% Premix

Sweety 15% Premix is packed in a 25kg Box and comes in the form of a paste. This mix can be used to Produce soft rolls with a longer shelf life, sweet dough products, a variety of Danish pastries and Croissants.

  • Robust and balanced formulation containing good emulsifiers and improvers
  • Suitable for back up dough's
  • Better volume and stability
  • Suitable for fluctuating flour qualities
Customer advantages
  • Paste premix containing top quality shortening
  • Suitable for back up dough's
  • Better volume and stability
  • Suitable for fluctuating flour qualities
  • Fine and moist crumb structure giving excellent shelf life 3-4 days
  • Enhanced flavour and great taste.
Consumer advantages
  • Enhanced flavour and great taste
  • Soft bite for the duration of shelf life
  • Quality product

Sweety 15% Premix is a unique mix that enables bakeries to produce all varieties from one basic dough i.e. Soft rolls, sweet dough, doughnuts, kitke, hot cross buns, Danish pastry, croissants and this allows for a better margin. It's fine and moist crumb structure gives excellent shelf life of 3-4 days. It's enhanced flavour and great taste will let the customer come back for more.


Sugar, Unhydrogenated vegetable fat, Wheat flour, Salt, Emulsifier, Soya flour, Flour improver, Enzymes

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