Celebrate Freedom Day with uniquely South African recipes

Celebrate Freedom Day with uniquely South African recipes

20 Apr 2018

Local Patisserie

Freedom Day is a holiday when South Africans come together to celebrate our free country with our diverse people and cultures.

What better way to celebrate Freedom Day than with authentic South African recipes! The amazing recipes will make your customers Freedom Day one to remember. You can choose from creamy milk tart, sweet koeksisters, fluffy vetkoek or delicious peppermint crisp tart.

Vetkoek or Amagwinya is a famous snack between Afrikaans and Zulu people in SA. Milk tart and koeksisters originated from the Dutch Settlers who made their way to Cape Town in the 1600’s and peppermint crisp tarts are classic in SA.

These unique South African dishes are as diverse as our people and our country. Chipkins Puratos offers ingredients as unique as our culture to create help you create the perfect treats.

Learn how Chipkins Puratos can help you make delicious unique and traditional South African foods with the following recipes: