Fine Patisserie mixes

The Puratos range of Fine Patisserie Mixes offers high-quality ingredients, exquisite flavours and freshness guaranteed to entice and satisfy your customers.

For example, our PatisFrance mixes use pralinés and nut powders to provide the ultimate ‘source of seduction’ – delighting consumers while giving you the opportunity to work with genuine French ingredients.

What are the advantages of using our Fine Patisserie Mixes?

Puratos’ Fine Patisserie Mixes will help you increase product sales and profitability. With over 65 years’ experience of sourcing and transforming different types of nut, we treat, roast and blend the finest raw materials to create delicious mixes. Mixes that will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

How do Fine Patisserie Mixes help to differentiate patisserie products?

Our Fine Patisserie Mixes add a touch of excellence to your products that will set you apart from the competition. Our mixes range from French patisserie to more global finished products, chocolate and ice cream, offering unlimited options for chocolate-making, patisserie and viennoiserie creations. When it comes to taste and texture, our Fine Patisserie Mixes really make the difference.

Fine Patisserie mixes


No Bake Slice

Cake and sponge mixes, Fine Patisserie Mixes

No Bake Slice is packed in a bag with 2 x 6kg packets. Easy to mix by just adding Melted Mrs J Yellow Margarine and water. Then spread into a pan refrigerate, cover with chocolate and cut into squares.

Tegral Satin Golden Moist

Cake and sponge mixes, Patisserie, Fine Patisserie Mixes

The ideal multi-application cake mix for voluminous, yellow & moist cakes. Perfect for creating a variaty of cakes from one easy recipe, cakes with excellent taste and colour.


Fine Patisserie Mixes, Cake and sponge mixes, Patisserie

Easy to use Chiffon cake mix, used to makes cakes and swiss rolls

Coconut Mix

Fillings, Fine Patisserie Mixes

Coconut mix comes in a 10kg bag and is normally used to make coconut tarts or coconut biscuits. Another use can be to make coconut slice.

Industrial Patisserie Competence Center

The IPCC offers industrial patissiers a fully-equipped test centre dedicated to technological innovation and process optimisation.


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Providing our customers with access to the very latest industry equipment, expertise and training, as well as in-depth research into international trends.


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