Mother's Day treats to melt her heart

Did you know that a quarter of all flowers bought throughout the year are for Mother's Day? Baking and pastry treats are not far behind.

2 May 2018

Mother's Day


Mother's Day: Sunday, 13th April 2018

Anna Jarvis, known as the founder of Mother’s Day, made it her life’s mission to create a day for celebrating Mothers around the world.

Thanks to Anna Jarvis' hard work, we can cherish our mothers by treating her to a full day of treats from Chipkins Puratos.

Make sure you take advantage of the festivities with our great Mother’s Day ideas throughout the day.

A lazy breakfast

Reasearch shows that most moms only have an average of 17 minutes "me" time in the day. So any mom will enjoy a little sleep-in knowing that breakfast is sorted with fresh croissants as the main feature.

Our bakers and patissiers have developed a delicious recipe to inspire you to create a croissant no-one can forget!

Teatime treats

The best gift one can give a mother is quality time; and of course, a fluffy scone with delicious fresh cream and jam in the gardenI We are blessed with beautifully mild weather in May, so an intimate tea party with our scone recipe is set to create precious memories with our moms.

Afternoon surprise

It's her special day, so a little sinful sweet afternoon suprise is just the thing make her feel special. Combined with a display of pink and red carnations, our decadent cream cake is a feast for the eyes and tastebuds.