O-tentic Raisin Bread


Working Method

  1. Place all ingredients into mixing bowl except for the bakers mix.
  2. Mix for 6 minutes on slow speed and 4 minutes on fast speed. Dough temperature ± 24° C.
  3. Place bakers mix into bowl and mix for 2 minutes on slow speed. N.B. It is very important not to over mix the dough once bakers mix has been added.
  4. Scale heads of dough at 450g, mould round and rest for 5 minutes before working off.
  5. Prove for ± 50 minutes.
  6. Spray with Sunset Glaze before baking.
  7. Bake at 220° C for ± 25 minutes. Any baked product using bakers mix will be of a much higher quality if raisins are soaked for one or two hours beforehand.

Baking Overview

About this recipe

Author: Chipkins Puratos

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