Units %
Sweet Dough
Cake Flour 1000g 0
Brioche 20% 250g 0
NCP Yeast Wet 63g 0
Full Cream Milk 600g 0
Sweet Dough total 0
Yudane Inclusion
Cake Flour 250g 0
Water 250g 0
Yudane Inclusion total 0
Sunset Glaze 35g 0
Topping total 0

Working Method

Yudane Inclusion
  1. Start by combining the Yudane Inclusion ingredients in a small bowl together(you can do this with a spoon), make sure the water is boiling hot.
  2. Rest the Yudane over night at room temperature.

Sweet Dough
  1. Place all ingredients into mixing bowl including the Yudane that rested over night.
  2. Mix for 2 minutes on slow speed and 7 minutes on fast speed. Dough temperature ± 24° C.
  3. Scale heads of dough at 450g, mould round and rest for 5 minutes before working off.
  4. Divide the 450g head into two equal pieces, flatten and stretch the dough long, roll it up tight and place both pieces next to each other in a half loaf tin.
  5. Prove for ± 50 minutes.
  6. Spray with Sunset Glaze before baking.
  7. Bake at 220° C for ± 25 minutes.

Baking Overview

About this recipe

Author: Chipkins Puratos

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