Topfil Apple and Rooibos Apple Crumble Tart


Working Method

Sweet Paste
  1. Beat Mrs. J Margarine, Fat Mandy's and sugar until light and fluffy.
  2. Add egg and pastrom vanilla slowly until dispersed, then mix in the flour on a slow speed until sides of bowl are clear.
  3. Roll sweet paste ± 3 mm thick, cut rounds with a cake ring and line smaller tart foil and trim the edges.
  4. Par bake at 180° C for ± 20 minutes.

  1. Place 100g of filling into par baked tart bases.

Crumble Mix
  1. Mix the sugar and flour together, rub in the flour until crumbs form.
  2. Sprinkle ± 50 g of crumble mix onto each tart.
  3. Bake at 210° C for ± 25 minutes.
  4. Makes ± 40 tartlets.

Baking Overview

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Author: Chipkins Puratos

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