Cantonese Mooncake


Working Method

Pastry Dough
  1. Place the golden syrup, alkaline water, and vegetable oil in a mixing bowl. (To make the alkaline water, mix about 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with half a cup of water)
  2. Mix for 1 minutes on slow and 4 minutes on high speed until well blended.
  3. Add the cake flour to the mixture and combine on slow speed using a flat beater. (Remove as soon as it forms a dough, do not over mix)
  4. Remove the pastry and wrap it in cling wrap. Rest the dough while you prepare the filling.

  1. Drain the red beans and rinse them with clean water.
  2. Place the red beans in a food processor with the sugar and blend until smooth.
  3. Place the purée into a medium saucepan or skillet and cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until much of the water has been cooked away and the purée has thickened to a consistency similar to hummus.
  4. Add the fat and mix it into the purée then continue to cook over medium heat until the purée becomes glossy and forms a dough that sticks to the spoon in one mass, about 4 to 5 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat and chill until ready to use.
  6. Scale the pastry at 50g pieces and the filling 100g pieces.
  7. Mould the pastry pieces round and roll them out.
  8. Mould the filling into a ball and use the rolled out pastry to cover the red bean ball. (the ball should be covered completely)
  9. Flatten the whole ball inside a plain scone cutter, the biggest size. If you don't have a stemple to press a design on top, you can use a blunt butter knife to press your own design. (ensure not to press through the pastry dough)
  10. Bake at 180° C for 8 minutes then brush with egg wash and bake a further 10 - 15 minutes until golden brown.
  11. Place into a air tide container and rest for two days.

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Author: Chipkins Puratos

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